Polaris – Almost pointing the north


If you face forward the Polaris (The North Star), then you are facing to north (within few degrees).

Every boat must have a very reliable compass !!

Step 1 : Locate the big dipper(constellation of Ursa Major)

Step 2 : Connecting two front stars of big dipper and the distance between two stars for multiplying about 5 times, is pointing to the Polaris.

Step 3 : Because the Polaris is so useful star for navigation, we should try to ensure got the right one (such as buy a right boat). Lucky, the Polaris is a part of the little dipper (the last star of the handle).

This method workings many years, but we live in the “Oriental Pearl” modern city and permeated with light pollution. We may try this technique when we sail away to open sea or just make anchorage somewhere peaceful in Sai Kung. And teach the next generation.

Beautiful teak

Teak wood is the best natural material for boat structure,  water resistance when we just maintenance with teck oil per year.


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